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Very close to the demon past the gate but not all the way into "it's" territory you find two other carvings of creatures so scary and strange that they deserved their own chapter.

02A: The Demon By The River!
Did This Strange Tree Just Crackle?

Yes I think so ... and you can watch and hear for yourself in the video section but first just check out some pics of this ghastly ghoul of a demonic tree growth / carving.

Do You Think This Tree Carving May Have Been Made By A Demon Spirit That Lives In The Surrounding Forrest Area?

The Demon By The River

Found right next to a river this huge tree has a few trunks right along with lots of rotten wood and oh yeah don't forget about the weird looking face with one eye from one creature and a second from another.

Demon Face Carving

The demon on the river adds more horror to the demon past the gate and helps the audience begin to understand that this 'creature' may have more depth then just what the first carving shows.

After seeing the first carving you know something hideous may be lurking but when you connect it to this one you begin to see into the world of a complex 'phenomena' happening this section of forrest in North NJ. And believe me there's lots more to come then just these two carvings that helps unravel this mystery.

Now that you've seen what this second demonic carving looks like watch and listen carefully as I show what I believe to be a crackle that was recorded at the time of filming this rotting tree structure.

When I first came back to do further investigations around this area I just started filming lots of the 'rotting' and 'carved' trees that I saw with this tree being one of them. It wasn't till editing that I realized a crackle was recorded however and that there was a crazy looking face there as well. I was mearly showing that this tree's rot may have been created by the spirit that lives here. 

The Demon By The River - Video 01

Watch and listen carefully as I show you a recording of what I believe is a demon's crackle.

Next: The Demon On The Trail

If you thought these first two demonic tree growths were wild wait till you see what's waiting just for you on the trail ...

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